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Color: Chestnut
Foaled: 03/05/2016
Est Height: 14.1 hh
Sire: The Comic Force
Price: $9500

Location:  Katy, Texas USA

For more information click here:  Cinnabun

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Meet Magnolia, she is a 2012 smokey black tobiano mare.  She is under training at Magnolia Ranch in the US.

Click Here to Learn More:  Magnolia

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Contact:  Jennifer, 281-389-3356 Magnolia Ranch in Katy, TX

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We have an amazing Gypsy Vanner Stallion for sale and for breeding.  He is gorgeous!  His name is Billie Boy. Please call Jennifer for more information 281-389-3356

Here is a link to his home page:  Billie Boy

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Looking for a blue eyed gypsy horse?  Check out Curly Sue.  She is so pretty!



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Lilly is probably one of the best mares Gypsy MVP has ever had. Lilly is taller than most which is likable for excelling in events. Also her bloodlines are way over the top. She is only meant for the most serious breeders in the world as she is world class. She is currently being readied by our Trainer Morgan for the show ring. Possible for Sale by Private Treaty. She is Tobiano: Homozygous (TT) and Red Factor: Heterozygous (Ee) Black based horse with a recessive copy of the red gene.

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DRAGONFIRE: Gypsy MVP is proud to offer Dragonfire for consideration at this time. A phenomenal palomino and white gypsy vanner stallion, he stands over 15h., with the power and presence of Prince Charming. His sire, Romeo is an American icon. Dragonfire is “Magic in motion” with his flowing hair and floating movement. This gypsy vanner produces big beautiful foals with rich colors. As his training continues, he is being ridden both English and Western. He is very willing and is excelling in both disciplines. What an amazing fellow. Here is a chance to make some history. Don’t wait too long.

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Gypsy Horse Art Photos by Beatriz Posada Alonso.  Is that a horse with a mustache is see?

BPA Photography: Gypsy Vanners (May 2013) &emdash;


BPA Photography: Gypsy Vanners (May 2013) &emdash;


BPA Photography: Gypsy Vanners (May 2013) &emdash;

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Jennifer Wilkening sent over these lovely shots of Gypsy Horses in the pasture.  I just wanted to share them with you all.  Enjoy!





two-gypsy-horses-grazing    For more information about Gypsy Vanner Horses please visit:

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These photos are compliments of Anne Beven.  She attended the 2012 Appleby Fair and got some great photographs.

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We received an email inquiry about miniature Gypsy Vanner horses the other day.  I thought I would share with you both the email and the response by Anne Beven of Gypsy MVP UK


The email…

I am e-mailing you both in the US and the UK hoping maybe you can work together and help me out.  I am looking to get into breeding miniature gypsy horses, and I want a tiny, well built, heavy feathered stallion to be the foundation of my program.  I am looking for something to stay around 10-11hh (or smaller, if you can find one!) quality bred.  Good example of what I am looking for is the stallion Silver Dollar –

Please let me know if you have anything available in the US, or find anything in the UK.  I am looking for reasonably priced being that I know import fees are around $10,000 for a colt, and around $15-16,000 for a stallion in addition to their purchase price.

I will also be looking for tiny mares to add to my program down the road, please keep me in mind if you happen to get any.

Thank you!


Anne’s Reponse

First off,  I need you to know that these smaller horses are not true to the Gypsy tradition given that they should be able to pull a Gypsy Wagon for miles and miles, they are not going to be able to do this, as children’s ponies.  People in the UK shy away from them as they want horses/ponies to do a job.

Having said this I can see where you are coming from , people are breeding dogs you can put in tea cups , I have often thought there would be a place for them, the problem is the cost, last year at Appleby there was a small stallion with heavy feather -but obviously with welsh pony breeding.  They wanted £45,000 for him, people were just laughing and walked away, I don’t know how to advise you as they are all asking stupid prices at the moment!   If money is no object and you want to try the market in the US go for it but I would be careful and do much homework before you invest in this.  I wish you the very best and am here to help if you need me .

Warm regards Anne

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